ProPhoto Sites

Lalu designs specializes in ProPhoto blogsites. All of our sites are custom made to fit your brand and your company’s needs. We believe in empowering you to be able to update your site on your own, so 90% of our sites are easily editable after launch and we will provide you with PSD templates for the other 10%. Sure, you could spend a lot less on simply purchasing a template, but templates are typical, and typical isn’t unique.

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Your brand is the cornerstone of your business. First impressions and recognition is vital for gaining new clients, retaining existing clients, and creating visual impacts across social platforms. We take a unique and creative approach for every client. We want your brand to be everything you love and reflect your business’ personality at first glance. Package includes 3 unique concepts and a complimentary business card design.

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As a photographer, you could (or may already) have a steady income on album sales. But how much of your day is eaten up by laying them out, uploading to clients and translating revisions? With our album design service, simply provide the images to us, and we’ll turn around your proof within 24 hours (excluding weekends & holidays). We also provide a proofing gallery with your brand so your clients can comment on changes they want.

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Already have a brand and just looking for some fresh stationery? We provide custom designs to fit your brand for everything from business cards, thank you cards, postcards, and even custom stamps.


Do you have set pricing for your services and products, but no visual way to present it? We can custom design a digital pricing guide unique to your brand that will easily communicate your pricing to your clients.


Something we forgot? If you’re looking for design services for something other than what is listed on this page, we’d love to help! Our hourly rate is $75/hr. Just shoot us an email on our contact page for a quote and we’ll get back to you soon!