boysLalu Designs exists because of love – love for life, design, and creativity. To let love fluently thrive in these areas, it’s important to make time for the other loves in our lives – friends, family, or other hobbies we may have. Lalu Designs is here to help alleviate some of that precious time that’s necessary for you to truly live your life outside of work. Whether it’s the larger tasks of branding your business for success, to small and tedious tasks of designing albums, we’re here to help you.

You may be asking yourself , “what is lalu?” – Before my son could speak, his interpretation of “I love you” was “lalu”. He simply turned something that seemed complex and impossible, into something small & simple – something with the same interpretation, but a with a much deeper meaning for the both of us.

Now this small word is a part of my every day life at home. It’s a constant reminder that sometimes the most simple and small things in life can have the biggest meanings. I’m blessed to have this reminder, and I challenge you to find complex areas in your life that you can simplify. Slow down, breathe, and make more time for the loves in your life.